SGA Funds Request Form

SGA Funds Request Form

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SGA Funds Request Form

The Student Government Association (SGA) meets on Tuesdays during the noon hour and will be happy to consider your request at the next SGA Senate meeting that does not yet have a full agenda. The SGA Vice President will e-mail you once your request has been placed on the agenda. You will need to present your request to the SGA senate in order for your request to be considered. COMP-Northwest students, you will have the ability to present your request via video conference.

SGA Fund Requests will not be considered for the following: individual class banquets, class gifts, class events and class apparel. An exception may be made for events that involve intercollegiate/inter-program activities that promote WesternU interprofessionalism.

Please note that if you do not fully answer all questions below, you will have to re-submit your request.

Projected Expenses:

Please clearly articulate the expenses you anticipate in order for this activity to occur. These may include items such as registration fees, airfare, hotel, ground transportation, purchase of food/clothing for an event, etc.

Fundraising Efforts:

Before requesting funds from the SGA, you should have considered all other fundraising options. Please briefly describe what efforts have been made to raise funds for this activity and how much was raised in each of these efforts: